Power Play

A Breakout Game for the Classroom


The Power Play classroom game is an educational tool that turns individual classrooms into academically-focused escape rooms. The game provides a hands-on learning experience and teaches the Four C’s of 21st Century Learning: critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication.

Time: 40 Minutes

The Aqua League

Water Conservation


The Aqua League needs your help! The evil villain, Polly Lution, is wasting water all over Greeley, and threatening the South Platte River and the Cache La Poudre River with pollution. By learning the different ways water is wasted and polluted, being well-informed about the water cycle, and learning how our lives depend on having clean fresh water available, you can make yourself eligible to join the elite team of water-saving heroes, The Aqua League. Solve the puzzles to unlock the secrets of water stewardship and help to defeat Polly Lution.



Energy Efficency


The Energized Guyz need your help! There is big trouble at the headquarters of The Energized Guyz, a league of superheroes who track down and eliminate energy waste. One of these heroes, Electrana (aka Ella Hollingsworth), has gone missing. She has left behind a couple of locked boxes and some mysterious documents, which might be clues to her whereabouts. With Electrana out of his way, The Energized Guyz’ nemesis, Professor Ohm, has been wasting energy all over the community. Your students must form a task force to find Electrana and help put a stop to Professor Ohm’s energy-wasting ways.


Ready or Not

Emergency Preparedness


Penelope Planner’s aunt, Ima Scientist, has accidentally unleashed a disaster ─ Calamity Dwayne. Penelope doesn’t know what Dwayne will become, but fortunately, she has created a plan for handling dangerous situations like hazards, emergencies and disasters. Unfortunately, the plan is missing, lost in Aunt Ima’s laboratory, the Inventatorium. Penelope needs your help finding the plan so that you’ll all be prepared when Dwayne strikes. You have 45 minutes to solve the puzzles in Aunt Ima’s lab, find the plan, and be prepared. Good luck!