All's Well That Eats Well Power Play

A Breakout Game for the Classroom


The Prince of Goodgarden has become an influential ambassador for the city’s healthy way of life, steadily developing a well-rounded practice of eating nutritious foods, exercising and working to cultivate new opportunities for the wellness of citizens. But this week, a candy and bake shop called “Sometimes Sweets” just opened, and the prince’s notorious sweet tooth has returned with a vengeance. Frequenting the shop too much has sent him down a slippery slope of eating an unhealthy diet and not getting enough movement, and now he’s turned back into the Greast! You must locate where the five healthy food groups have scattered from the Greast’s wrath and use the Restorative Health Elixir from the witch’s spell book to get him back on track to a healthy lifestyle – and turn him back into a prince!