The Knights of STEMalot

A Breakout Game for the Classroom


Sour Ron is back and sourer than ever! In the land of STEMalot, where science, technology, engineering and math are a huge part of everyday life, students graduate from Knight School to become wizards of STEM and play important roles in the community. But Sour Ron has discovered that he must pass gym class before he can be a true Knight of STEMalot! In a fit of rage, he has stolen the six simple machines from the Realm of the Six, causing everything in STEMalot to come to a halt. How can Carmen move around the Realm without wheels? How can Cleaver and his industrious beavers construct buildings without levers? As a knight-in-training in STEMalot Knight School, it’s up to you to retrieve the six simple machines and restore order to the Realm of the Six.